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About Wiki Battery

About WIKI BATTERY: WikiBattery.org is a non-commercial encyclopedia of battery knowledge. The battery encyclopedia WikiBattery.org is written by professionals and scientists. 

Like Wikipedia, Wiki Battery is based on scientific facts and publishes knowledge from industry and academia.

What does WIKI BATTERY do?

The goal of Wiki Battery (wikibattery.org) is the further education of the public, students, students, workers, teachers, and other interested parties in public.  Improved battery technologies & energy storage strategies will help in the future to successfully implement the energy strategy and the energy transition in Europe and worldwide. 

Batteries are a key technology for electrifying transport systems and increasing the efficiency of renewable power generators such as solar and wind power. In addition, batteries as mobile and stationary energy carriers will help to make renewable energy systems such as solar and wind turbines more cost-effective in the commercial battle with fossil fuels . 

Who makes Wiki Battery?

Wiki Battery is a publication of Swiss Battery (www.swissbattery.com), a battery chemistry manufacturer and energy storage consulting company. In addition to the development of high-performance batteries for aviation, Swiss Battery commits to promote and develop safe, affordable, renewable battery technologies. In particular, electric mobility (e-mobility). Improved battery technologies will help in the future to power energy strategies and domestic Net-Zero targets.

Current Wiki Articles

Internationale-Energieagentur IEA

International Energy Agency IEA

International Energy Agency IEA Wiki Battery – Batterien & Energiespeicher WIKI BATTERY WIKIBATTERY.ORG – BATTERIEN & ENERGIESPEICHER Die Internationale Energieagentur IEA vorgestellt Die Internationale Energieagentur – IEA Internationale Energieagentur IEA

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Current Wiki Articles

Wiki USA

Sulfur Battery

Sulfur-Battery WIKI BATTERY – ENERGY STORAGE & BATTERIES WIKIBATTERY.ORG – BATTERIES & ENERGY STORAGE WIKIBATTERY.ORG – BATTERIES & ENERGY STORAGE Sulfur-Battery Name The sulfur-battery is often referred to the lithium-sulfur

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Electrolytes for Batteries

Elektrolytes for Batteries Wiki battery – Energy storage & batteries WIKI BATTERY WIKI BATTERY electrolytes-for-batteries-logo liquid-battery-electrolytes-LOGO Polymer-electrolytes-Polyelectrolytes gel-electrolytes-logo Solid-State Electrolytes solid-electrolytes-LOGO Inorganic Solid-State Electrolytes Electrolytes for Batteries What are electrolytes

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Circular Economy, Recycling of Batteries and Product Lifetime

Circular economy, trade in Li-ion batteries waste will remain essential in markets where economically viable recycling can take place. Promoting circular economy and value chains for Li-ion batteries require clear rules on the waste status, transport, storage, safety regulations, trade facilitation, standards for battery design, product lifetime, and regulatory targets for waste collection and recycling rates.

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Current Collectors for Batteries

Stromsammler & Stromabnehmer für Lithium-Ionen AKKUS Wiki Battery – Batterien & Energiespeicher WIKI BATTERY WIKIBATTERY.ORG – BATTERIEN & ENERGIESPEICHER Aktuelle Wiki Battery Artikel Stromsammler, Stromkollektor & Stromabnehmer-Folie (Current collector) in

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Wiki Battery is an encyclopedia for battery technologies, which explains technical terms from the field of batteries and energy storage in a simple and understandable way – dummy proof.

More information about Wiki Battery can be found here.

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