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Wiki Battery is a non-commercial encyclopedia for battery knowledge. The battery encyclopedia “Wiki Battery” is written by scientists and professionals. The goal of Wiki Battery is to educate the public, students, & professionals. is puplished by Swiss Battery.

Swiss Battery is committed to the promotion and development of modern battery technologies, especially for electromobility (e-mobility), for aviation and Mobility 4.0, the development of which has a lot of catching up to do in Europe.

Improved battery technologies will be important in the coming decades to successfully implement the energy transition in Europe and worldwide.

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BATTERIEs - A Key Technology
of the 21 centrury

Batteries are a key technology for electrifying transportation systems and improving the energy efficiency of renewable power generation such as solar and wind power. 

In addition, batteries as mobile and stationary energy sources will help make mass electrification of the mobility on the streets and in the air possible.

Like Wikipedia, is based on scientific principles and is also based on the professional experience of our authors from industry & academia.

We are grateful for any comments,  suggestions, questions, or criticism. 


The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to Jena, Germany-born U.S. citizen Dr. John Goodenough, U.K.-born Dr. Stanley Whittingham and Japan’s Dr. Akira Yoshino for the development of lithium-ion batteries.

The award recognizes their development of lithium-ion batteries, a renewable, rechargeable energy source.

The work of the three researchers has paved the way for electric mobility, mobile devices such as smartphones and notebooks, and also for the global energy transition toward renewable energies.



Wiki Battery is an encyclopedia for battery technologies, which explains technical terms from the field of batteries and energy storage in a simple and understandable way – dummy proof.

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